Lemontine Design






​​​​Interior Designer: Nicole Karnes

bohemian themed teen bedroom displaying a full size bed in blush pink and brown geometric shapes, a blush pink pillow that says "Good Vibes," and a faux fur blanket draped at the end. Four chevron mirrors adorn the walls with brown wooden frames and a white feathered wreath in the center. Three small succulents sit on a brown shelf below the wreath and a brown dresser sits against the wall at the end of the bed.
There are four stools tucked under a wooden bar. The bar table is attached to the wall and the chairs are draped in white fur material. A chair upholstered in tan fabric and a white and tan pillow sits facing the viewer just right of the stools. There are two large mirrors handing from the wall above the stools and bar. To the right of the mirrors, on the adjacent wall, a box of succulents adorns the wall.

"I believe that where we dwell can bring peace if it's created to fit the need of the family."