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interior design help with selecting furniture for a room design in Portland.

  Room Service Design

In this digital age, distance is no longer a hurdle – it is an opportunity for us to transcend boundaries. Work with Lemontine virtually or in a hybrid format with the same process to design your space, room-by-room.


Receive a complete design with a shopping list and a detailed execution plan for those that are comfortable executing the design on their own. Our journey begins with a vision, captured with utmost precision through digital channels and delivered to your inbox. Your desire for a swift, yet sumptuous metamorphosis is not only met, but embraced.


With a clear set of deliverables and set revisions, this service is perfect for someone who knows what they desire, but wants help in weaving together the curated details. 


Starting at $3,500 

Pricing based on room selection, size and scope.  Can be offered as a Virtual Design or as a Hybrid Service


  • ​Two design concept drafts 

  • Up to two revisions of a design board

  • Final design board 

  • Furniture floor plan

  • Clickable shopping list

  • Detailed design execution plan 

  • Can be offered Virtually or Hybrid 

  • Post-design support for any questions or clarifications within 2 weeks of completion

interior design furniture floor plan.
living room design firm in Portland.


 Let's Meet (in person or virtually)

This is our time to get to know each other and discuss the scope of the project. Clients are encouraged to share photos and any inspiration they have for the project during this phase. We listen intently to your desires, exploring your lifestyle and needs, and pinpointing the essence of your dream space. This phase lays the foundation for a design that reflects your personality and purpose.

Create & Design

With your inspiration as our guiding star, we venture into the realm of creation. This is where the magic unfolds. Starting with a furniture space plan, we begin the design process.  We are constantly communicating along the way to ensure we are on the right design path. 

The Reveal

The reveal is when we present the design concepts and boards. We review the designs, discuss what you love and make any necessary revisions. With a short window for revisions, we refine the project to fit your needs and turn over the final design. 


We deliver a final design board with a shopping list and detailed design execution plan. Everything is ready for you to bring into your space.  Post design follow up within 2 weeks of completion.

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