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Working With A Designer: Using Mood Boards To Create A Space YOU Love

Updated: Apr 10

Mood boards have almost always been a thing. They are a great way to ask yourself the hard questions, pull visual representations of what you’re looking for into one spot, and make sure everything looks good together while cohesive. Additionally, designers love to see and work with your vision in that same way -

I am currently finishing up another round of revising and refreshing my own brand and website design (so be sure to check it out in the link at the end of this article). In working with my web designer, she asked some great preliminary questions that made me stop and think about what I wanted out of my brand. This process took some time.


* What do I want my company brand to look like?

* What do I want it to feel like?

* What do I want my clients to feel, see and think of when they hear the name, Lemontine?

* What sort of message do I want to send with everything from the logo color to my social media presence?

* What is my "why" for what I do?

* And, most importantly... how do I want my website to function?