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Commercial Interior Designer Portland, Oregon.

"How Can We Work Together?


Virtual Design

What is Virtual Design? It is a design service that is done entirely online! We connect, we discover your needs, we create the plan, and you execute the design on your time! 

We offer three E-Design experiences with an option for add-ons: 

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E-Design Experiences:

  • E-Design 1 Room: 400 Square Feet  and Below.

  • E-Design 1 Room: 400 Square Feet -- 700 Square Feet.

  • Hybrid E-Design: mix of online and in person design.

  • Room Add-Ons.

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Our Customized

Experience Plans:

  • Commercial Interior Design

  • Residential Interior Design

  • Hair Salon Interior Design

  • Remodel Design

  • Surface Selections

  • Design a Room Specific Space

  • Full Home Design


Customized Design

Every space tells a story! Our job is to come alongside you, discover your space's personality, and help express it through an aesthetic that fits your vibe. 

  • Step 1: With a questionnaire, a lot of inspiring discussions, and a 1-2 hour on-site consultation, we get to know your personality, your space, and what your desires and needs are in that space. 

  • Step 2:  We narrow down the story into chapters so we prioritize what your design needs are, and provide you with a proposal for the project.

  • Step 3: Design Time: This is where we get to work creating and designing concepts and palettes and more!

  • Step 4: We finalize your design, make the orders, and pop the champagne with final installs! 



  • Once we have had a discovery call, we can schedule you for your next step in the process, the consultation meeting.

  • This is your 1-2 hour meeting where you show us your space, walk through your project and tell us all about your wants and needs!

  • During our meeting, we will discuss all those ideas and help give you some feedback and guidance with the future of your project as well as tips and ideas for some quick fixes if possible! 

  • During this meeting, we will discuss the future of your project while we gather all information needed to go back and provide you with a proposal for moving forward. 

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Are you ready

to get started?

 Contact us and let's get you scheduled!

Starting at $350


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Just Launched


Shop Lemontine Online Boutique

Come Shop our newly launched online boutique! 

We have spent years attending design shows and trade markets, searching for that perfect piece to add to projects. Now, we are offering curated finds for you to purchase directly and to add to your own homes. Come Shop and find that one statement piece you are missing, or the exact decor that fits your home's personality.  See you there! 

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