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turnkey design services Portland.

Turnkey Design

If you are looking for a bespoke and deeply considered approach to the design of your home interiors, Lemontine’s Turnkey Design service is the ideal fit for you. This is our most involved, all-inclusive service. Clients can expect an involved and thoughtful process with multiple design steps and touch points on design direction, as well as complete management of product sourcing and installation. From conception to installation, this service will provide you with a beautiful and personalized design and a pop of champagne at the end! 


Design fees based on scope and size of project

Minimum Furniture Purchase Starting At: 25K

To ensure the highest level of design quality, our Turnkey service includes a minimum furniture purchase requirement. This ensures that we can bring your dream design to life with the finest furnishings.

One Room, Multiple Rooms or Full Home

Turnkey is your VIP luxury design service where Lemontine handles the details so you don't have to!



In-Person Kick Off

This is where it all starts. We  craft a tailored vision for your space, drawing inspiration from your unique style and preferences.  We will get to know each other and  finalize the project scope, goals and vision of the project. We will walk the space, take images, measurements, and review inspirational designs.  It is the dating stage of design! 

Concept & Design Development

This is the fun part where we dive into creating and designing. We look at space planning, programming, schematic design, materials, surfaces, and everything else in creating the beautiful space.  This is the courting stage! We dream big and put together our best ideas for you. Sit back and relax as we handle all aspects of your project, from procurement and logistics to installation and styling. We ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Design Reveal

This is when we present the design concepts and boards in person. We review the designs, discuss what you love, collaborate on the details and make any revisions needed. This is our proposal stage! We present our best ideas, specifically designed for your space.

Final Decisions

After making all the necessary revisions, we deliver the final design boards with a detailed design execution plan and timeline. This is the time we finish submitting orders and completing purchases. We communicate with contractors and subs as liaisons to ensure that everything is aligned to execute the project on time. The engagement stage. 

The Wait

Once everything is ordered, we wait for everything to arrive, follow up on all orders coming in, coordinate delivery, and schedule installers and contractors as needed.  This is our engagement stage- all the ideas and concepts have been ordered and now we manage the details that are coming together. 

Bring it to Life!

Within a short timeframe, we handle the installation and last minute touch ups and styling. We make sure the installation is done efficiently and doesn't disrupt the flow of your life. We unveil a complete, livable space for you to enjoy. Witness the transformation as your space evolves from concept to reality. Experience the joy of stepping into a beautifully designed and fully furnished environment that reflects your style and personality. This is the reception party! The best part! 

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