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"Nicole is a dream to work with! She can take the most ordinary space and make it extraordinary. On top of her design skills, her vision is incredible. She was great at communication and organization, which helped keep us on schedule. Niocle helped me create my dream home in such a fun and non-stressful way. We are so excited to enjoy our new space! "

~ Amy A.

"We were very satisfied with the entire process.  Communication was fantastic, I always knew what was going on and where we were in the process.  We knew what you needed from us and I knew I could reach out if I needed anything from you. We thought your ideas were creative and you thought of a number of things that we hadn’t considered.  You presented us with ideas that made us really think about our space and how we wanted to best use it.  We liked many of the items you sourced for us. We felt like we definitely got our money’s worth working with you.  You are fair and very thorough and we appreciated all your work on our project.  I’m sure you put in way more time that you billed for.  The billing process is very easy and clearly laid out.  It all worked great!"

~ Amy H. 

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~ Name L.

best home designer in Oregon City.

Press + Reviews

DCJ Oregon: Pearl District gains another polished gem

Lemontine Design of Portland drew up the new floor plan and look of the facility, with lead designer Nicole Karnes selecting a polished industrial look and white walls.

“We really wanted to make this space a blank palette with basic colors so people can come in and design their own event and make it the space they want,” Carr said. “This makes every event unique instead of it being the same all the time.”

A well-lit green room will allow clients to prepare in peace, while a large industrial kitchen will allow preparation of up to 300 plated meals for events that will normally be prepared at Artemis Foods’ eastside facility near OMSI.

commercial interior design at DCJ Oregon.


Lemontine Design, Portland Interior Design Firm.

Oregon Home Magazine

Nicole Karnes’ Portland design firm was aptly named by her four daughters to represent her love of both lemons and design. Turning lemons into lemonade has a lot of different meanings for Lemontine Design, but the end result is always something beautiful.

“Lemons are fun, refreshing with a twist and yellow, which is my favorite color,” Karnes explains. The vibrant sweet-and-sour citrus represents the versatility of her design style, which brings with it a purpose to freshen every space of a client’s home into one that truly makes them happy. Like lemons, Karnes’ interior design style both brightens and adds flavor.

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