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Room Service Design 

Perfect for those who want to refresh specific spaces, or for those that need help with furnishing a room. While emphasizing the speed and convenience without compromising the creativity, this makes this service an enticing option for those seeking an efficient yet opulent room transformation.

Handled in person or virtually, Lemontine starts with a meeting to learn about you and your needs. The end result is a full room design with layout instructions and a shopping list with links to purchase.


Our exclusive Room Refresh service is the quintessence of refined convenience, a bespoke experience for those with discerning tastes. Think of Room Service as the  "mini-full service" without all that a full service design offers. 

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Turnkey Design 

For those looking for a bespoke and deeply considered design and want someone else to do the heavy lifting and complete the job for them, Lemontine's Turnkey Design service is the ideal fit. 

We approach these projects thoughtfully while carefully considering and incorporating the needs, preferences and personalities of our clients. We have a feedback structure that allows our clients to be involved in the process and ensures we can iterate and refine our designs. This service is best suited for clients who want a complete design solution and prefer to leave the details to the designer.

Ultimately, our Turnkey Design service is best for clients who want a comprehensive and stress-free design experience and are willing to invest and hand the keys over to an experienced design team while allowing and trusting us to execute the design and turn a creative vision into a reality. It is the VIP, luxe, full-design experience. 

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Designer By Your Side

This service is purchased at a minimum of 15 hours of design time where Lemontine is by your side during your design project.


Whether it be in the process of remodeling or refurnishing your project, or perhaps planning an event at your space or home, we help ensure the space is cohesive and the foundation for interior design elements is set with on-the-spot design help. 


This service is ideal for those who  may not need a designer for the entire process but would like a designer to be there for specific tasks along the way. 

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Design Services

We want to make it easy to have a beautiful, "Lemontine-Designed" home.  For those who would like to do smaller room refreshes or furnishing, we offer a design-only service, called ROOM SERVICE DESIGN.


At the other end of the spectrum, we offer our TURNKEY DESIGN SERVICE for those that want us to to do it all, including the orders and management. We take care of all the details so you don't have to!


We also offer DESIGN SESSIONS for those that want a faster turnover and can handle every aspect of execution on their own with all our advice. 


And for the clients not quite ready to commit to a design service, but need the extra guidance along the way, we offer a DESIGNER BY YOUR SIDE service meant for on-the-spot TLC for their space all in one month's time. 


No matter what service you select, you will receive authentic and personalized design in each one. All Services start with a paid 90 minute Design Consultation, where we meet and really begin to understand what your needs are and what service is best suited for your project. 

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Design Session...aka...

Design Therapy Day

For those that do not need a full service designer, nor a mini-full service room refresh, look no further than the Design Therapy Session service. 


A design session is a great way for clients to gain expert design guidance for their space, without all the extras. It is our most cost-effective and fastest way to gain efficient and professional design solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences that can be handled ALL IN A  DAY or TWO without any renderings, floor plan drawings or revisions. 


Think of a Session like a Design Therapy Service.  You get design expertise but for a premium with a short turnaround and in an intensive few days. In this case, we carefully decide what the design task will be and within a day or two, we assist you with a clear design plan for you to carry out on your own. 

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