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Artisan Design

At the heart of Lemontine Design is a love for handmade, unique, heirloom pieces that ground a home and create interest. Not only do we focus on sourcing special artisan pieces for our clients, we bring the artisan philosophy into how we design interiors: a deep knowledge and care for our craft that is carried out by hand.  

Lemontine Design is an Oregon-based design studio founded by Nicole Karnes to bring her fresh and uniquely curated aesthetic to her cherished clients.

We can support design projects big, small, local and virtual. We welcome anyone looking to make their space a place they love. 

Insider Perspective

Nicole's passion and talent for design came organically, first applying it to her own home and creating a beautiful space for her four daughters to grow up in. A true design advocate, Nicole also thrives on speaking at design panels, crafting designer retreats, and constantly connecting with her design tribe in order to continually bring expertise to her design projects. 

Inspired by Nature

Nicole's design style is inspired by golden hour on a cold, clear day at the Oregon Coast wearing a cozy creamy sweater: clean, crisp, organic with a warmth woven throughout. She designs homes that have a cohesive ambiance with finishings, furnishings and unique accents that flow from room to room. 

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About Lemontine Design

Fueled with Passion

Lemontine Design was born from the encouragement of Nicole's daughters, who saw her love and talent for interior design firsthand.


She brings that same passion to her clients and their homes, giving everyone a boutique experience throughout the entire process. She designs so that her client's homes are a true reflection of them while offering a fresh perspective.

"All of my designs are fueled with the passion to help create a space that clients love to spend time in, a space that ignites their soul. It is the definition of why I don't call my job "work" but rather my "passion.""  - Nicole 

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