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Being a daughter of a builder and a wife of a builder, I have always had my hand in the design world,  but when I started on my journey,  I knew I had to make it something that reflected a new perspective, a fresh twist of zest in life. 

I also have four amazing daughters. They are not only my "why" in my world,  but they are a huge part of how Lemontine Design found its life! They helped me come up with the name knowing that I love a fresh twist in all that I do.  

Turning lemons into lemonade has a lot of different meanings for Lemontine Design, but the result is always something beautiful and meaningful.

My goal is to freshen every space into one that truly brings joy. Like a fresh twist, I hope to bring a new perspective to your space that both brightens and adds flavor.

When I create, I find my heartbeat...  I literally feel my soul ignite.  It is as simple as that. It is why I do what I do. I love to bring that same excitement when working with clients and learning about their personalities and how they relate to their space. 

All of my designs are fueled by the passion to help create a space that clients love to spend time in, a space that ignites their souls. It is the reason why I don't call my work  "my job,"  but rather, my "passion."

My motto has always been "one day at a time" and in design, one step, one piece, and one concept lead to the next. There is something special about seeing a vision come to life with concepts that are both accessible and liveable. 

I am very passionate about translating that creative vision into remarkable spaces. One moment at a time. I can't wait to connect with you and bring a fresh twist of zest to your project.

Nicole Karnes 

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