Hello there. I'm Nicole,
founder of Lemontine Design.

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I'm an Oregon native who went to Oregon State, but graduated from University of Oregon then later left for the coast of California. I also lived overseas in Croatia, which allowed me to travel all throughout Europe and parts of Africa. I could not wait to see what was around the next corner, embracing every culture to the fullest. While a Pacific Northwest girl at heart, my love for travel has undeniably shaped my love for design.


I'm a lover of wellness, organic and purposeful living. I find happiness most definitely at the beach chasing a sunset or exploring on a beach cruiser. I adore shopping for treasures, finding the perfect piece for a client (and myself, let's be honest) and spending time with my husband and four incredible girls. I believe that where we dwell can bring peace if it's created to fit the need of the family. This is a big reason I love to design. 

My love for design has taken me on all sorts of paths. You will often find me at a design market or design show testing out the latest in products and fabrics and searching for what makes my heart pound faster! By going to these markets, I am able to bring you all the latest ideas and trends while sampling them myself in order to bring the best value to you. I value the "Boutique Experience" by really listening to your wants and needs and bringing that vision to life in creative ways. 


There is something special about seeing a vision come to life with the concepts that are both accessible and liveable. I'm very passionate about translating that creative vision into remarkable spaces. I truly desire our experience to be comfortable and collaborative while bringing a vision to life. 


If you're ready to reclaim your space and fall in love with your home again, I'm here to help you.  

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