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Capturing the Cabin Feel For the Perfect Autumn

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

cabin interior design ideas portland interior designer.

The colder months are here and we will soon be celebrating the holidays and settling in for winter. This means more dinner parties, lots of cozy nights in, and a little more time spent in our personal sanctuary we like to call home. And what better way to get your house ready for the coming festivities and hibernation than to introduce some new and update some old items in your home?

I just love the cozy cabin feel of natural wood, warm browns, and handmade items that infuse a home with a bespoke aesthetic. All of these little details add charm to home décor and make even the least used room welcoming. To help you all embrace the cabin feel, I’ve curated a collection of items you’ll want to gift yourself and others this season.

Ecuadorian Blankets - Great Holiday Gift Idea, that Gives Back!

I just have to gush about these gorgeous blankets! And this company! I love a good family-owned company that cares about the quality and design of their products. It’s also such a joy to support them—I love knowing that by purchasing one of these blankets you are helping a family and a community grow. These blankets are made from hand-woven alpaca fur in Ecuador and they make perfect bed throws, sofa blankets, and hostess gifts!

Cotton Table Runner - Cozy Winter Design Touches

winter table runner interior design ideas portland.

Table runners come in all colors and designs, but I’ve been really loving this cotton table runner. It’s soft and adds an effortless warmth to the dinner table, credenza, or TV stand. The neutral colors make it really easy to decorate with other items like books, candle holders, and bowls.


Honestly, is there anything cozier than a good candle glowing on the coffee table, a comfy blanket, a good book or lovely company, and a warm meal? I’m so excited it’s candle season, especially because we can now burn scents like Cozy Cabin and Bonfire and not be judged [laughing emoji]. Ooh, and you can use these adorable matches in a bottle to light them!

Wood Serving Trays - for the Food!

wood serving stand winter interior design ideas portland.

Now, let’s get to the best part: food! Making the holidays special usually includes fancying up the table a little bit, and I’m obsessed with this trio of natural wood, elevated serving trays. They’re perfect for adding dynamic and depth to an hors d'oeuvre set up, or for displaying desserts. If you want to go a little more traditional, and a lot more rustic, there’s also the wood slab serving tray (that has handles!) and the natural teak serving board that has beautiful swirled resin details.

The Noodle Bench - for Entry Décor

bench cabin interior design Portland.

For something a little different, especially if you’re looking to dress up, redo, or simply change your entryway décor, there’s the Noodle Bench! Not only is the name super cute and fun, but the bench itself is wonderfully simple with naturally antiqued and weathered wood, and a nice slim seat which is perfect for smaller spaces. You can use the Noodle Bench in your entryway, or as a plant stand, extra seating, or just simply décor.

The Only You Beanie

holiday gift ideas, only you beanie, portland interior designer.

Now that your home has cozy vibes all throughout it, it’s time to make sure you’re just as warm. I don’t usually put clothing items in my shop, but I saw this hat and I just had to make sure you all knew about them too! If you love Smokey the Bear like I do and want to support wildfire prevention education, then grab yourself (and a few of your friends) an Only You Beanie. The design is subtle enough to go with almost any fall outfit, and it helps a good cause. Win win!

Prepping your home for the coming fall and winter activities—even if it’s just cuddling on the couch—doesn’t have to mean a complete restyling of your whole home. A few well-placed, rustic accents in warm colors and you’ll have the perfect fall and winter hideaway that’s just as ready for hibernation as it is entertaining.

Love decorating your home for the season? Comment below or tag me ( in your Instagram Stories with your favorite piece of fall or winter décor!

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