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Capturing the Cabin Feel For the Perfect Autumn

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

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The colder months are here and we will soon be celebrating the holidays and settling in for winter. This means more dinner parties, lots of cozy nights in, and a little more time spent in our personal sanctuary we like to call home. And what better way to get your house ready for the coming festivities and hibernation than to introduce some new and update some old items in your home?

I just love the cozy cabin feel of natural wood, warm browns, and handmade items that infuse a home with a bespoke aesthetic. All of these little details add charm to home décor and make even the least used room welcoming. To help you all embrace the cabin feel, I’ve curated a collection of items you’ll want to gift yourself and others this season.

Ecuadorian Blankets - Great Holiday Gift Idea, that Gives Back!

I just have to gush about these