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My Vegas Design Market Recap: What I See for 2023 Trends

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

I just returned from The Las Vegas Design Market where I successfully wound my way through 3 huge buildings of showrooms — not to mention an entire section of gifts and accessories. To say it was overwhelming is an understatement. However, this for me is like Christmas at the age of 7 when everything was magical and exciting.

So I enjoyed every second, every step (of which there were many), every booth, and every treat to the fullest! Until I fractured my ankle — but that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, I want to give you all the rundown of the many trends I saw at The Design Market, and what I see for 2023 trends.

When I hear the word trend, I immediately rebel and think,

There is no way I am falling into this category of a trend and doing what the crowd is doing. I love timeless and classic.

However, when you see the upcoming trends in interiors for 2023, you might find it hard to rebel because the design path is a trail that is full of anything but boring!

I might also add that a trend doesn’t mean that you douse your home relentlessly in the new, hip, and trendy. It simply means that we will be seeing more of something. If it resonates with you, then you try it. If it doesn’t, then you do you and own that.

My belief has always been that a home reflects the personality of the souls that reside there.

I am all about really loving something if you are going to implement it into your home but balance is key. Anything that is overdone can be overwhelming and will lose that effect that you were hoping to achieve in the first place. So don’t panic if your house isn’t “on trend.” The real trend that matters is your own sense of style and personality. But if one of these 2023 trends speaks to you, then you’re in luck (and in vogue)!


You all remember when pink and teal were a trend in the 80s? The Miami Vice days?

Well, this middle school girl LOVED pink! My bedroom had two different shades of pink carpet (a darker magenta pink bordered the main lighter pink color), a pink bathroom saturated in pink mosaic tiles with a teal tile border, wallpaper in pink hearts with a wainscoting below all painted in…you guessed it…PINK.

How cool were my parents?

I had amazing parents that let me express myself liberally when it came to design in my bedroom. I will forever be grateful for that as it helped shape who I am today. BUT I digress.

All that to say, before embracing the trend, be sure you love it and maybe splash it into the home in smaller ways than my 13-year-old self did.


Trends can be something that takes a thing of the past and brings it to life in a new and updated way, a rebirth with a newer approach. Much like high waisted jeans from the past made a comeback in the fashion world and were renamed “mom jeans” today, everything has a way of circling back around and given an updated term or look, am I right?

This is what I experienced at the design market in various ways. Hint: “Back To The Future”

So let’s dive in!

Vegas Design Market Recap


It seems that dramatic color is making its way back into our hearts and homes. It was so fun to see a lot of boldness this year in color. Some of it being loud and clear and some of it being earthy and dark. So many lush velvets and boucles in moody shades of greens and burnt oranges. A little hint of the 60s and 70s but with a twist of today! The artwork, the wallpapers, the accent pieces, all of it, carried a sense of a sturdy voice and I loved it.

home decor accent table earthy color tones
earthy colored accent table

pop of color and pattern wallpaper bold green interior design
Wallpaper bold color: Image by Liana Mikah

pop of bold color green blue mid century accent table interior design.
Bold Pop of Color PC: Wix

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you are a light and bright person (like me), you have to change everything. The idea of a calm and light space is not going away either — there were also a lot of blushes, corals, and muted earthy tones that seemed to have been expressed in ways that made a space feel zen-like and serene.

Contrasting the neutrals with the pops of colors is like the perfect sequel to a blockbuster hit. And the best part? You don’t have to tile your entire bathroom in teal and pink to make this trend of bold color a part of your home. I saw this pop of color trend in everything from wallpapers to vases, to custom upholstery and lighting. If you’ve been living the minimalist life, but want to introduce some color into your environment, check out some of these great examples!

Minimalist Bedroom Bold Color Burnt Orange and Blue bedroom interior design.
Minimalist Bedroom With Color: Image by Nathan Van Egmond

Curved Furniture Earthy color tones minimalist interior design.
Minimalist Interior With Earthy Color Tones

home decor accent furniture minimalist pop of color
Pop of Color in Minimalist Interior


I would also add that curves in all the right places are still going strong. I saw a lot of this starting on the scene last spring, but this year it was a staple. Anything from mirrors, sofas and chairs, to console tables and coffee tables.

Curves are a thing and can transcend any style vein. I personally love this trend as it makes the space flow seamlessly while adding an architectural statement. No matter how strong and handsome a piece might be, rounded and softer edges make the space feel more organic and inviting adding movement as well as a sense of calm and depth.

Neutral Rolled sofa bubble chandelier statement piece soft and curvy living room interior design Portland.
Neutral Room With Organic Movement and Pop of Color

Rounded corners and softer edges are considered conversation pieces for a reason. Not only do they pull people in but they also provide a welcoming space that feels inclusive and inviting. Whether it be in a wavy curved layered mirror, a rounded sofa or chair full of ripples, the curves are here to draw you in.

Accent Mirror wavy layers palace white wall decor for interior design in Portland.
Accent Mirror With Organic Movement

Ripple Chair, Wavy Curvy Rattan Accent Chair Modern and Organic  interior design.
Wavy Accent Chair

Palecek Wavy Chandelier organic modern design.
Soft Curved Beaded Chandelier

barrel chair swivel chair curved sofa modern chandelier for interior design.
Lemontine Design Curved Seating Conversation Area

They often bring peace and calmness to a space and elevate the design aesthetic to incorporate a seamless flow. I especially saw a lot of half circles paired together, hardware in moon shapes and even the rectangular furniture pieces that were embellished with curved carvings or rounded hardware.

Elk Home, Root Hardware, Wood, White Accent Table, Console Modern  for home decor.
Half Circle, Root Hardware

Gabe Credenza, Elk Home, Soft Hues, Mid Century Cabinet, Console, Furniture  design.
Soft Hues, Hardware Halves

black wall mirror, credenza, wood, home decor, furniture design.
Console With Carvings Paired With Wavy Circle Mirror


I am constantly asked if you can mix a modern piece with a more traditional one or if it is okay to mix finishes and I always answer with an absolute YES!

Mixing styles has a way of bringing the past to the present and making a home feel curated and not so “catalog-like” where everything matches and comes from the same place.

green wall with gold lantern home decor design portland.

bold wallpaper home decor Portland.

I noticed a lot of mid-century furniture pieces with a nod to vintage or traditional or even pairing the curved sofas with a more architectural and angular piece to offset the fluidity of the space.

I also love that style trends are embracing the mix of colors and elements, which allows you to add more personality than ever before. Bring in something old and upcycled to bring a story to your home. Added bonus, by upcycling you are taking a more sustainable approach when thinking about your home.

Mixing old vintage pieces that carry a story with a more modern furniture piece allows for your home to become an experience that only you can provide.

It's an extension of your story, giving your guests insight into who you are. A one-of-a-kind home. It really is not surprising to see the design trail take on a warmth and approachability with upcycled pieces. After making it through the last few years and most of us embracing our homes and living spaces more than ever before, we are all craving a home that is our sanctuary, one we are connected to. The desire is to have a home with a cohesive look that we can not only entertain in, but also enjoy day to day.

Vintage Wood Wall Decor home designer Portland.
Reclaimed Wood Wall Decor

What was your favorite trend? Be sure to comment or tag me in your Instagram Stories with your favorite 2023 trend!

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