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The New–Build and "A Destination Experience"

Often, when I am selecting hard surfaces such as flooring or tile for a new home, I ask myself what experience do I want this house to provide.

To me, this bathroom is like a rendezvous in a destination meant for organic living and moments of zen. With the neutral palette and earthy hints, you get a natural, spa-like and minimalistic experience. It transforms you to a sun-drenched, warm summer day at the coast or a day of hiking mountain trails. Showering all the sand or dust off your day becomes an extension of your adventure.

Every primary bathroom should be like a destination wedding.

Okay, perhaps that might be going too far, but this bathroom evokes an earthy and organic feel, luxurious, yet, not pretentious. An absolute classic! The nod to terrazzo at the feet, the classic veins running through the ridges in the tile and the warm undertones all evoke an experience.

When I go into the design showroom to dream up these packages for what I call, "boutique new-build homes", the goal is always,

"What experience do I want this house to give?"

"What underlying tones do I want the house to have?"

"What direction do I want that home to take?"

When you are building a new home or remodeling your new space, what experience do you want your home to provide you and your guests? What destination is on your bucket list? What palette are you drawn to most?

Those answers should be your starting point.

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