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Holiday Entertaining with Blue Pheasant (And Some Other Favorites)

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

holiday entertaining table design ideas Portland.
PC: Libby Penner via Unsplash

It's the holiday entertaining season and there is so much to look forward to. Good food, of course, lovely company, and (my favorite part) decorating the table! Trees, mantle pieces, entryways, and front doors are lovely, but there’s something so magical about a well-dressed dinner table. Whether you do a buffet-style or full, sit-down family dinner, the table is always the centerpiece, so don’t neglect it when it comes to decorations.

One thing I love about decorating a table for big meals is the fact that you can keep it simple. After all, though the table arrangement is important, we all know the food is the real star of the show. But that’s not going to stop me from recommending some of my favorite products and pieces to add the extra sprinkle of magic to your holiday table. Enter Blue Pheasant.

Blue Pheasant Artisan Kitchen Ware

It’s hard not to fall in love with Blue Pheasant products. Their hand-made, artisan kitchen wares and serving pieces are the antithesis of mass-produced. Using natural materials like teak and cotton as well as experimenting with new materials like swirled resin, each Blue Pheasant piece has that bespoke look and personalized feel. And they’re just so pretty! Needless to say, I’m very excited that I have Blue Pheasant pieces in my shop, and I want you to have them in your kitchen. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Blue Pheasant wares.

Swirled Resin Cake Stand

cake stand for holiday decor Portland interior designer.
PC: Blue Pheasant

These hand-dipped cake stands infuse a luxury-rustic aesthetic into all table arrangements, making them a go-to all year round. I love how each piece is unique and how the two-toned look blends perfectly with stoneware pieces, wood trays, and a more earth-toned setting. These swirled resin cake stands come in brown and black and a couple different sizes to add even more dimension to your set up.

How I’d Style It:

I’d use the swirled resin cake stand to add height to a table. I’d put a pie, stack cookies, or arrange cupcakes on top and around the base. Or you can easily arrange appetizers or finger foods on the top and even make it a part of your charcuterie display by putting bunches of grapes on top, or use it to separate out the cheeses you don’t want to mix and mingle with others (like blue cheese or softer cheeses).

Swirled Resin Serving Board

Swirled Resin Serving Board for holiday decor Portland Interior design ideas.
PC: Blue Pheasant

We’ve all seen the new obsession with charcuterie boards, right? Well, now’s your chance to wow everyone with your cheese and salami knowledge and the way you display it! Just like the cake stands, this swirled resin serving board combines teak wood with resin and each is hand-dipped to create a completely unique swirl pattern for each board.

How I’d Style It:

So, obviously, you can use this for charcuterie. Place a ramekin of olives or pickles in the upper center area and roll the meat slices into rollups. Then cut smaller chunks of cheese and alternate piles of rolled meats with cheese wedges in a starburst pattern around the center ramekin. Then you can garnish with grapes, crackers, and bread.

Aged Camel Napkin Ring

Aged Camel Napkin Ring Holiday Table Design Ideas Portland.

Blue Pheasant is more than serving boards and cake stands though. They have a wide range of products, including the Aged Camel Napkin Ring. This simple napkin ring is made from leather and has an understated stitch decoration that adds a two-tone aspect while keeping the modest design.

How I’d Style It:

Of course this would be used with napkins, preferably linen napkins. But I think it would go really well with other pieces like this decorative white bowl, and, of course, the swirled resin serving board and cake stands.

Some Other Dinner Table Favorites

Chip & Dip Stoneware

chip and dip stoneware for holiday serving table design ideas.

I love, love, love this stoneware chip and dip dish! It’s absolutely perfect for appetizers, game-day, Thanksgiving, and more. Spread the chips around the center, built-in bowl where you can put the dip! It’s so clever and a very pretty piece to sit anywhere. You can even use this for cookies and dessert dips! OR, you can get creative and place a bouquet in the middle or some other seasonal decor while placing almost anything related on the outer circle- this is the most creative piece for absolutely any time of year!

Round Mango Wood Cake Stand

Round Mango Wood Cake Stand for Holiday Parties Design Ideas in Portland.

This gorgeous, simple cake stand is made from beautiful mango wood. It’s a straightforward serving plate that is perfect for more rustic settings. You can add this to your Blue Pheasant arrangement, or if you’re not so much a resin person, this is a great alternative to use for cakes, pies, and other dessert displays. And, the Mango Wood Cake Stand would make a really great gift [wink face].

Black Iron Tree Candle Holder

Black Iron Tree Candle Holder Holiday Decorations Portland.

These stunning and moody candle holders are crafted from black iron and use a petal-like shape to create a tree silhouette. I love how these are fairly simplistic but have a ton of character. Simply add tea lights for the perfect warm holiday glow. The added touch of gold on the outer rings make it extra seasonal- these two pieces will for sure "wow" your guests wherever you place them.

Love decorating your table for lovely, welcoming dinners? Comment below or tag me ( in your Instagram Stories with your favorite piece of serving ware that you always use!

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