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Design "Therapy Day" vs. "By Your Side": Two New Services

A lot has been happening over at Lemontine Design. This year is flying by! We are wrapping up projects, prepping the online boutique for the holidays and we’re staying super busy by planning a new arm of business for Lemontine (fun announcement coming soon), so be sure to check emails and social media to stay in the loop on what's happening.

And because I am constantly evaluating what works and what needs help, that got me thinking about what services I offer you. You might have noticed that my website, shop, and services look a little different lately.

Though the Lemontine experience is just as awesome and intentional as it’s always been, I have found that many clients are ready for a new approach with their design projects. Therefore, I have created two amazing services that open all sorts of doors for clients who just need a "designer-consultant" or "shopping bestie" to help with decisions.

I’m super excited to offer these services, Design Therapy Day and Designer By Your Side because they let me collaborate on a deeper level with clients who share my passion for design but just need a little extra help.

design quote from Lemontine website

Now, you might be wondering what is the difference between the two services?
Let’s break it down!

Design Therapy... AKA Design Day

Nicole with client choosing fabrics and other details
Hard At Work Creating Mood Boards In Under An Hour For A Design Competition

Design Therapy or Design Day is an “appointment” type service. Think of this as a Design Day experience. You’ll book me for a full day (up to 6 hours) during which we will discuss on-going design plans, finalize what you’ve been working on, or help get you started.

For those hours, I’m your design therapist, leading you through some of the decision making and offering my expertise to make your project easier and alleviate some indecisiveness.

This service is a one-day (or split into two back-to-back at the absolute max) service with a one-and-done intention. During the six hours I can review your furniture layout, liaise with your vendors and contractors, or take you along on a pre-planned shopping trip (hello updated bookshelves).

Don't worry, we will lay out the entire day in advance so that we don’t waste any valuable time together. I even treat you to lunch where we still use our time (and rest our feet) discussing and mapping out our work. This gives you time to think about what is most important for you to focus on in your project.

While you can purchase more than one short design session, this Design Day service is one-on-one (sorry aunts, cousins, kids and best friends, you can't come) time to get immediate assistance and answers geared towards clients who are handling the details themselves without the intention of bringing on a designer full-time. The Design Therapy Days are meant to help with individual aspects as opposed to entire, beginning-to-end projects.

Please note, this is not a project-based service from a designer, but rather, one-on-one time to get immediate assistance and answers to your pressing design dilemmas with no follow up. It all happens within the session and all in a day… your own Design Day.

Not sure what you might need this service for? Contact me and we will set up a free discovery phone call and discuss the details further.

Designer By Your Side

Okay, if the Design Therapy Day is a one-time meet up for coffee, the Designer By Your Side service is the "Weekend at Bernies"... er- I mean, a weekend retreat!

Sold in 15-hour blocks of time, you and I will work on a pre-planned schedule of how best to use my hours all used for you and your project. This service is for anyone with a vision and a plan of execution who just wants the designer expertise at their disposal as the project proceeds. Perhaps you want a mood board of your bonus room? Or, perhaps you need to meet with the electrician to decide where to place lighting and you need a therapist on your side? The list goes on!

Nicole at design market in large comfy chair
Sit Tests at Design Markets are MY FAVORITE

As the Designer By Your Side, I can consult on everything from flooring to plumbing finishes, from color palette to furniture selections and beyond! If there’s a decision to be made, I’ll be there with advice, valuable industry expertise, vendor recommendations, layout input, and so much more.

design quote

Together, I will help you choose what you need and I’ll help make it happen. For this service, I’m not handling every little detail—that’s still all you— but I’m there to help answer questions, assist with decisions, and generally make you feel confident as you tackle the design of your home or business. If you have an “I can totally do that” attitude but no first-hand design experience, or hiring a full time designer is not in the budget, this service is for you!

Designer By Your Side is a where you use 15-hours of my time to help you with an on-going service that allows you to keep me in your back pocket as a resource at any stage of your project. This service must be used within two months.

Still not sure if this service is for you? Contact me and let's talk!

Okay- that was a lot of words and a lot of ideas thrown at you at once- and I am a bullet point kind of girl, so for those of you that are like me.... Here you go!

Key Differences & Details

Designer by Your Side:

  • Time Structure: Sold in 15-hour blocks for flexible usage.

  • Timeframe: Must be used within 2 months.

  • Approach: Collaborative, working together on your project.

  • Customizable: Your choice on how to use hours.

  • Project-Centric: Focused on specific design projects.

  • Deliverables: Can result in various deliverables tailored to your needs.

Design Therapy (Design Day):

  • Flat Fee: Offered as a flat fee for a full day (or split into two).

  • Timeframe: Completed within a single day.

  • Approach: Consultative, providing on-the-spot guidance and decisions.

  • No Deliverables: Does not include specific design deliverables.

  • Decision-Oriented: Helps you make informed design decisions.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines design-related questions and dilemmas.

Both services offer unique benefits, catering to different client needs and project requirements. Whether you prefer a collaborative approach with flexible hours or a more intensive, decision-focused day, there's an option to suit your specific design goals.

All I know is that one size does not fit all... so why should design services? I embarked on a journey in order to find a way to work with those that do not need that "full monty" approach to a design project and am happy to now offer these two solutions. I am limited on how many of these new services I can schedule due to my larger projects timeframe but if this sounds like something you might be interested in before the holidays begin, don't hesitate to reach out soon.

Yours Truly,

nicole holding flowers
Your Design Bestie


Lemontine Design

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