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Selecting Paint for Your Home's Personality, Curb Appeal, + Resale Value

Have you ever painted an entire space solely off a paint chip selection? I am here to say, DON'T DO IT.
And here is why!

Once upon a time, when I was a new mom staying home in the world of toddlerhood with my twin girls, I decided to embark on a mission – a mission to turn my daughters' small hall bathroom into a burst of joy and color.

Now, let me tell you, this was a long time ago, long before Pinterest and social media. A time when inspiration came from HGTV shows like 'Trash to Treasure' and a wide range of decorating magazines that I would spend my last dime on just to see the latest color trends or creative DIY ideas.

I wasn't exactly a paint aficionado at that time either, but armed with a vision of vibrant hues dancing in my head and my creative brain begging for an outlet, I marched confidently into the local paint store to select a paint color from the great wall of tiny paint chips. "How hard could it be?" I thought. Famous last words, right?

Paint color deck
Paint Fan Deck

In the realm of my imagination, bright yellow and majestic purple were the dynamic duo color palette destined to transform that space into a kaleidoscope of cheer. I know, I know- it sounds like the color palette from Sweet Valley High cheer parade.

Please don’t judge, at least not yet.

I found the yellow and purple hues and I just knew these were the perfect shades. Who had time to purchase samples and try them out first? After all, I had toddlers at home and I needed to act fast during their nap time. Armed with small paint chips and a heart full of optimism, I purchased my paint gallons and raced home to paint!

My masterpiece in progress, I envisioned an HGTV-worthy two-toned wonder. I could practically hear the producers calling, eager to showcase the genius of a mom of twins who dared to be different. Move over Chip and Joanna. This mama was on a creative mission.

Yet, reality struck with a force comparable to a falling paint can. As the colors dried, my bold vision became an overwhelming reality. The bathroom screamed with a vibrancy I hadn't quite anticipated.

In the aftermath of my creative escapade, I found myself facing not fame, but rather the quiet acceptance of a failed attempt, with no phone call from HGTV. No surprise.

Here is proof, an actual photo of that "unique and creative" hall bathroom. Yikes!

This one hurts... again- don't judge. The intention was pure. It was all for the kids.

Old bathroom yellow and purple and painted flowers
My Kids' Hall Bathroom

Needless to say, spending time in that bathroom during their bath times was joyful only because my sweet girls made it fun and didn't mind the elementary bold colors, but for me, that epic paint fail was more like a circus act in a room gone wrong, enveloped by the most nauseating neon, bold yellow that you can imagine and let's not forget the creative purple.

And why so many flowers? Don't ask.

So, there you have it – the chronicles of my paint escapade, a tale of hues gone wild and lessons learned.

Those small paint chips can be so deceiving, can’t they?

Fast forward and I am happy to say that I learned a few things. I learned how to read a color wheel for one. I learned about undertones and paint sheens, I also learned that if I want to go bold with paint, buying samples is an absolute must. And never select a paint solely off a small paint chip.

There really is an art and a science behind selecting the perfect paint color palette.
However, fear not, for my mission now is to share the wisdom gained from my past blunders, ensuring you don't tread the same colorful path of mistakes.

Paint the Town: Select a Paint Palette for Your Space!

I will guide you through the significance of color in your space, from understanding its importance to selecting the perfect shade, and uncover how your home's color choices could translate into monetary value. Get your paint brushes ready, peeps – it's time to paint the town and to learn from my past paint selection mishap! Be sure to stick around until the end so you can download my free color palette resource guide too! I promise you it was not created from my old and naive creative past self.

Why Color Matters More Than You Think

Whole Home Color Palette Resource

Selecting the right paint color isn’t just about covering up your walls; it's about setting the stage for your daily life. Your home's color scheme is the director, the scriptwriter, and the leading actor all rolled into one. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a haven that caters to your needs and desires.

Imagine this scenario:

After a long day in the hustle and bustle, you return home to your sanctuary – your bedroom. The color on those walls isn't just a coat of paint; it's a soothing lullaby telling you it's time to unwind. Maybe it's a calming creamy tone or a soft, muted green – a color that wraps you in a cocoon of relaxation, preparing you for a night of restful slumber.

master bedroom or guest suite with soft colors and coral accent color
Sooothing and Serene Bedroom Suite

What about your office – the command center of productivity and creativity. Here's where the color game gets exciting. Maybe you opt for a bold, invigorating terra-cotta shade to ignite that creative spark, or a cool blue to keep the focus steady during those brainstorming sessions.

office den with dark paint and minimal decor with light wood desk
Dark Paint In Home Office

Or, perhaps, a dark and moody charcoal. The right color in your workspace is about crafting an environment that fuels your professional expertise. It's the key to turning that mundane office task into an inspiring and inviting space.

Home office in dark charcoal wood and vibrant shades of blue accent rug and art
Home Office

So, yes, color matters because it's not just about what looks good; it's about what feels right. Each room plays a unique role in your life, and the colors you choose can enhance those roles.

Selecting the Right Shade

Alright, next up is ‘color exploration,’ In our color-rich journey, we understand that not every shade is cut from the same palette.

After your last coastal vacation you might feel inspired and want to use a beautiful blue shade in your home, but the choices are as diverse as the sky itself.

You could choose a deep Mediterranean toned blue that transforms your office into a den of sophistication, or perhaps a softer, sky blue turning your space into a coastal haven. Or, perhaps a sandy tone with blue accents. The list goes on.

Choosing the right shade is an art and that's where a curated color palette becomes your trusty compass. It's not just about picking a color; it's about selecting the perfect hue and undertone that resonates with the feel you envision for each unique space in your home.

Exterior Elegance:

Boosting Curb Appeal and Resale Value

homes painted in bright colors and girls riding island bikes in bright sunshine
Color Your Home Happy

Now, let's delve a bit deeper into the exterior canvas of your home – the first impression that sets the tone for everything within. The right exterior color isn't merely a coat of paint; it's a welcoming embrace for anyone approaching your abode.

You might also consider your location. Here in the PNW, it is more common to find earthy tones in exterior colors mixed with exterior stone of some kind. However, in Florida, on the keys, you most likely will find those fun pastel colors that are rich in happiness!

Picture a warm, inviting palette that beckons guests and neighbors alike, creating a sense of community and friendliness before they even step through the front door.

Or a moody and sophisticated exterior palette that casts an alluring aura, intriguing guests and neighbors from the moment they lay eyes on your home. It's a visual symphony of mystery and elegance that represents YOU.

It's the promise of comfort and coziness, a visual handshake that says, "You're home."

But the impact goes beyond the warm fuzzies. When it comes to selling your home, that exterior elegance is your unsung hero. A well-chosen color scheme can work wonders on curb appeal, attracting potential buyers. It's not just about standing out; it's about standing out for the right reasons. Curb appeal is a real thing.

The right body and trim color can accentuate architectural features, highlight the charm of your home, and make it a memorable contender in the real estate market. So, when you're pondering those exterior hues, remember: it's not just about painting; it's about creating a visual story that makes your home unforgettable. After all, a house with a captivating exterior isn't just a house; it's an invitation to your own story.

Beyond the Color Wheel: Your Home, Your Expression

Above all, remember this: your home is your canvas, and you are the artist.

Whether you lean toward the bold colors or the subtle elegance of neutral paints, your color choices are an expression of your personality and an extension of your home's personality. So, go ahead, experiment with those palettes, embrace the quirks, and let your home be a gallery of your unique style.

There you have it – the lowdown on why selecting paint colors is more than just a stroke of luck. It's a conscious decision to infuse life, mood, and a splash of YOU into every nook and cranny. If you’re in the market for a fresh color palette for your space, we’ve got you covered.

Lemontine is now offering free resources that you can download.

Head to our Free Resource Page and you can download our free paint color guide featuring our handpicked favorite palettes, our go-to serene neutrals, our tried and true favorite darker shades, and even a guide to elevate your home's exterior with the perfect colors - neutral or moody, whichever you feel suits YOU.

You don’t have to make the same costly mistake my young self once did, we are here to help. Start with my free download and reach out if you have any questions.

Stay zesty, Nicole

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