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Organizing Holiday Decor: 5 Ways to Help The 'Future You'

'Tis the season to bid farewell to the holiday decor and pack it up for another year. Perhaps you are already finished or perhaps, you have been holding out a little longer. Now, I know the struggle is real for my fellow holiday decorating enthusiasts. As much as we cherish our Hallmark Channel marathons, the time has come to embark on the journey of stowing away the festive treasures and getting organized for the new year.

organized storage bins and holiday clean up

I can vividly recall the chaotic scenes of yesteryears,

where I hastily tossed decorations into any empty Amazon box within reach, only to be met with a challenging scavenger hunt and the unruly task of untangling Christmas lights the following year.

A holiday headache we've all experienced.

But fear not! As someone who finds joy in both decking the halls and packing it all away, I've come to realize that the latter can be just as exhilarating.

The key? Organization. Because let's face it, there's nothing more disheartening than facing a tinsel-tangled mess a year later.

So, for those who resonate with the struggle and even those who may not yet understand the frustration of a disorganized holiday stash, this blog is your go-to guide for a love language of tidiness.

Join me as I turn off The Hallmark Movies and provide you with 5 easy and effective ways to organize your holiday decor, ensuring a smoother, stress-free decorating spree for the future you!


Bins are Best

Plastic bins, but not just any plastic bins –

We're talking about the 'MVP GOLD' holders of storage.

Plastic bins with sturdy sides, adjustable tabs and lids that seal like Fort Knox. Just like a typical Hallmark script, invest in quality and you'll save yourself from the heartbreak of shattered ornaments and tangled decorations next year. There are tons of options out there. 

This Adjustable Ornament Case from Sterilite is an affordable option with adjustable tabs that can make room for different sized ornaments.

There are also these Stackable Storage Bins with Lids from Weston Basics that can be wheeled around and have features like the slightly more attractive door handles so you won’t mind having these bins more out in the open.

The 'Weston Basics' bins have open space inside, so they are better for non-ornament items like stockings, tree skirts, wrapping supplies, tabletop/mantel decor, books, or craft supplies.

red holiday storage plastic bins on shelf

I recently discovered this  Adjustable Ornament Storage. This unit is fabulous for holding oversized ornaments and even has removable trays as well as a rod that raises the trays up, which saves your back.

And don’t forget about your wreath outside! There are special wreath boxes available that come in different sizes and help maintain the shape of your wreath.

These boxes are also great for storing general greens and garlands, ensuring they don’t get tangled or collect dust and debris as they wait to be put out again the following year.

No matter what you’re storing, plastic bins offer the best protection for items kept in both the attic and basement.

The key is to make sure you have durable boxes that seal well and preferably interlock when they stack so you don’t have to worry about your stacked boxes crashing to the floor. 


Save Your Bubble Wrap

Tip #2 is to save the bubble wrap you get with all those Amazon orders. It’s not just for stress relief – save it for wrapping your delicate ornaments and breakables.

Not only is this a sustainable move, but it ensures your cherished pieces survive the year-long hibernation without a scratch.

The bonus here is that you’re recycling packaging from all those online orders and reusing it in your storage. Bubble wrap, even tissue paper, as well as the bubble wrap alternatives like Scotch Cushion Lock Wrap will keep everything safe!

The one thing I will caution is that the finish (like glitter or felt) on certain ornaments and other decor, especially those using glue, might not do well being tightly wrapped in paper or plastic. Use your discretion when wrapping items.

winter decor in box next to Christmas tree

If you keep everything in an attic or a basement without A/C or heat, the change in temperature season to season can cause certain surfaces to become sticky or to “sweat”.

Try your best to choose the place with the least amount of temperature and moisture issues so everything is in consistent conditions.


Use the Original Box

Odds are, there’s a reason it came in that box in the first place. Often ornaments, especially the odd shaped ones, have box inserts that fit to that ornament perfectly. So why not keep it and use it?

The same goes for other displays, like ceramic pieces. Nativity sets, dishes, centerpieces, even garlands. Why mess with a good thing? It's like giving your decorations a cozy home within a home.

Label the boxes, toss them into a plastic bin, and voila – organized and extra safe.

Clean Everything!

This is actually my love language this time of year.

A little unconventional advice and maybe not something you’re going to be thinking about while undoing all your decorating, but use this time to clean up and clean out!

While everything is torn apart, while there are boxes out, and while there is already chaos, use this time to get rid of decor pieces that are old, broken, or unused.

take down holiday decor and clean house for new year

I don’t mean to make a chore even more of a chore, but why not take advantage of the mess you’re already creating and the organizing mood you’re (hopefully) already in to clean everything and make a fresh start for the new year? 


How about all those Holiday Cards?

True Story:

Confession time, not only do I save my own Family Holiday Cards, but I also have saved almost every single holiday card that we have received each year for the last 20 years!

Yes, I know, that sounds slightly insane, but I love receiving those cards with updates on friends and family. However, one might ask, where on earth do you store all of those?

digital personal photo album, scan photos and create a holiday book of memories

Well, I have recently discovered (thanks to late night Instagram scrolling) this website where you can scan your cards inside and out and save them digitally. The great thing about this process is it’s not just for cards!

You can do this for artwork, old scrapbooks or photo albums, almost anything you’d like combined into a book.

This way you can get rid of all the clutter and turn them into a flip book while keeping the memories – win, win! 



Shelving – the unsung hero of home organization. Instead of scrambling for more shelves, strategically organize the ones you already have. Designate specific spaces for holiday decor, label bins by season or color code them, and make retrieval a breeze.

This might seem obvious, but designate a specific space (or spaces) on a specific shelf (or shelves) and keep all your holiday decor in one place.

Do your very best to keep all decor in one spot and organize by season, using labels or, if this is your jam, color coding boxes. I like to use color-coded lids for my bins or even for my individual kids and their keepsakes. Being able to go to one spot and grab everything you need will definitely save your holiday cheer and sanity next year.

Additionally, there are some more attractive ways to store things, so if you don’t have great out-of-the-way places (like attics and basements or closets) you can get cute storage boxes to use that double as decor in their own right. And don’t forget about under the bed organizers!



After the whirlwind of the holidays, the prospect of packing away the decor might seem daunting, however, with these tips, you'll not only make the process smoother, but set the stage for a joyous and stress-free decorating experience next year.

Don't forget to check out my other blog posts with tips for your remodels, home-styling, and a few 'up close and personal' stories. You can also find free resources available to download. Just head to my free resources on my website.

Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

Stay Zesty,



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