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What is a Design Process: The A's to Your Q's About Working with an Interior Designer

I’m sure at this point, (especially if you’ve been following me on social media and reading my blog) there is a lot you already know about me and my design process. However, there are always questions and since not all designers are exactly alike, I would like to answer the questions I am frequently asked and answer them from a Lemontine perspective, with a fresh twist, no doubt.

Here are the A’s to your Q’s when it comes to the Lemontine design process.

wall mural in modern office with white glossy wall mirror and light pink accents
You Blow My Mind Wall Mural

Where do you find your design inspiration and stay up on current trends?

You all know by now from my posts that I love love LOVE to travel to design markets and conferences. To be able to combine travel and design is like the yin to my yang. I attend trade-only markets and design conferences to stay on top of market trends and design concepts. While at markets, I sample fabrics, test out products and do what I like to call, “the sit test” in order to report back how specific pieces actually sit and feel. It is like "Design Disneyland" for me minus the churro.

While at design conferences, I network with designers and vendors alike and attend educational design sessions. I invest a lot of time (and money) in staying involved in the design community, which ultimately, I believe, makes me a better designer for you.

In fact, I recently returned home from New York City for a design conference with my Interior Design Society (IDS) Portland chapter as well as other chapters from all over. We were able to listen to highly successful speakers discuss topics such as, Biophilic Design, Color Trends in Design, Luxury Design, as well as topics on Leadership in Business.

Not only did I learn from some of the best experts, but I was also able to network and meet new designers and trade vendors from all sorts of different design walks. I came home with a new outlook and a new perspective in this design industry while, truly, without a doubt, extremely inspired to bring all of the details back to my design table just for you. Also, with a few more bags under my eyes because designers also know how to have fun too!

New York Interior Design Society National Conference

New York City Architectural Boat Tour Tall Manhattan Buildings Downtown NYC
New York City Architectural Boat Tour

How do you determine what type of project is a good fit?

Because designing someone’s home involves a lot of time getting to know them and how they use their home, communication and sharing ideas in a seamless manner is important to me. I do my best to listen to every detail. It’s hard to explain, but there is a bit of a "gut-feeling" to it for lack of a better definition.

Don't worry, that is the "feeling" side of it, I would also like to add that I do have a more calculated approach as well.

I heavily consider the project's:

  • Timeline

  • Scope of work

  • Investment range

It is important that there are realistic timeline goals that also match the realistic investment goals.

We can thank HGTV for adding this extra step in my having to explain that design doesn’t happen overnight and yes, that amazing Pinterest photo... well... it comes with an "amazing" and "luxurious" price tag too.

I don't make up the prices, but I do my best to find ways to provide a look you desire with the best pricing scenario for the best quality, which is all discussed in advance.

Lastly, I created touch points that take place before we first meet such as a discovery phone or zoom call and a detailed digital questionnaire in order for me to learn your goals, timeline as well as your investment range to see if we might be a good fit to work together. If my calendar has room for your desired service, we get you booked in order to hold that spot.

How long does a design project take?

This depends on what service you purchase and the scope of the project. Some take weeks, others take months, and then some projects could take a year or more to complete. For the most part, this all depends on how many phases of the process are involved and how large the scope of work is.

Each project has its own parameters that affect the timeline. It is also important to note that the timeline can be affected by how quickly clients make decisions and what issues might come up with construction or stock availability.

All of this will be made more clear as we discuss the project and get into the nitty gritty details. And usually, barring any major delays or unforeseen circumstances (like a global pandemic), you’ll have a very good idea of the timeline throughout the process. I am a huge communicator and I believe in weekly updates, meeting recaps and confirming all decisions over and over in different ways.

Classic white kitchen remodel with hanging circa light pendants and charcoal quartz slab
Beautiful Remodeled Kitchen

Do you need to know my budget right away?

Hmmmm.... well, unless there isn't one, the answer? YES.

I like to talk money right away, get it out of the way from the beginning and keep talking about it throughout the process so there are no surprises.

It is part of my job to educate you on the industry pricing. This is why I provide general investment guides to clients based on their project types so they can see what a low, mid, or high range project investment might look like.

I aim to be mindful of your investment parameters, which is why it is important from the very beginning to set a clear investment range so that I don’t waste your time or my time searching for furnishings or a type of material that compromises your boundaries.

I do require a minimum trade purchasing price for most of my design services, such as my Turnkey Design Service, but this is communicated before we sign anything so that you know if I am in your investment range. I also have limited services that are service-based only in order for you to skip the minimum purchase price and do the shopping all on your own.

Curious about what my services are and what each entails? Click below:

My Design Services

Turnkey Design Service

Room Service Design

Designer By Your Side

Design Session

Although I live and breathe all things design because it is my job or better yet, my passion, you might not, which is why you're probably here and which is why I can help you on your next project!

Hiring a designer is a luxury service, not a necessity, so I want you to be in “the know” when it comes to what that process looks like. Ultimately, my goal is to help demystify this process and infuse some confidence as I work through designing your dream home or business space.

If you have more questions shoot me a message! I love connecting and talking design! And if you are ready to tackle that design project you have been putting off, click the Learn More link below. My calendar is limited for specific projects so let's get you on the calendar. While you are there, be sure to subscribe to my newsletters in order to not miss out on any upcoming events, design tips and more! I love having more friends that love the world of design like I do!

Get in touch and Let's Book Your Next Project

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