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Oregon Home Magazine

This staging project that was featured in Oregon Home Magazine was near and dear to my heart. This project was for a past client who I originally helped when they purchased their new home four years prior.

This adorable family has such a fun style to begin with but was ready for a refresh. This is when the fun began! We came in and accessorized their shelves and wall decor with different textures and various design elements such as, leather, throw pillows, Rattan pieces, and tablescapes vignettes.

It’s so important to me to get to know the families, meeting their loved ones and hearing what they’re really asking for, to be able to bring their vision (or lack of, and that's why I'm here) to life. It’s more than a job for me, it’s connection.

I learned from the beginning that she loved anything grey and is drawn to clean and simple lines with everything and splashes of bold black. We had already had a good foundation from the first time around, so adding the refresh was like applying make up for prom! It just made everything flawless! My goal was to not add more grey but instead, warm up the grey by adding brown tones, whether that be in leather or sisal or by adding more baskets, pillows and accessories that all have a touch of brown in the undertone.

If you were to ask the client whether she liked the color brown, she would most likely, answer with a GIANT no! However, by warming up the grays with more browns and warm tones, she had no idea that brown was making an entrance into the home. It was a perfect answer in how to warm up and break up all the grey without losing that modern and clean look.

People often ask me how I stay in budget, and my strategy is utilizing strategically placed higher-ticket items with more affordable ones to make the space look custom, yet livable. To see the bigger scope and additional photos of the project, you can visit my work featured here:


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