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Inspiration For Styling Your Home To Create An Earthy Vibe

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I love to curate products like I am placing them in my own home. I look for unique pieces that add character or texture by adding different shapes, heights or various elements throughout. This is one of the main reasons I recently created my online boutique shop, so that I can give clients or shoppers the opportunity to shop directly for their homes the way I like to shop for my own home. Not to mention, I LOVE searching for that perfect treasured piece or gift.

I will be honest, for me, shopping online usually means late at night, maybe with a glass of wine and by the glow of my iPhone screen. I know, I know... that might not always be the "doctor approved" way and I tell my kids to get off their phones at night for the "doctor approved" reasons, but let's face it, we all know what I am talking about and have all been there.

"I do my best shopping late at night by the glow of my iPhone light when I should be fast asleep". I can still hear my parents saying, "Do as I say, not as I do...."

How to Add a Natural Look to Your Walls

A few of my recently added favorites are full of rich leather textures and organic shapes. With materials such as clay or wood, you evoke a nod to an earthy and natural vibe. For a creative way to add dimension and character to your space, think about adding this lightweight Paulownia wood wall hook, which is perfect for hanging this handmade 100% genuine cognac circle leather handbag from or even some shell tassel beads.

Staying in the earthy and natural vein, consider hanging these terracotta clay bells to a wall hook or wooden blanket ladder! Having natural elements throughout your home bring a sense of calmness and serenity, providing a tranquil atmosphere that helps you recharge and refuel.

Add an Earthy Vibe to Your Tabletops

As you move away from the walls and focus more on your vignettes, you will want to add layers of texture by starting with a base such as the one of a kind, natural bone-inlay coffee table tray to display items that carry a simple and cohesive vibe. I also absolutely love this unique terracotta vase with its organic shape and warmth, it automatically demands your attention with its soft curves and subtle details. Add some greenery to soften the entire look or leave it as is for a natural presence.

Don't forget to appeal to your all of your senses and add your favorite candle. My favorite hour of the day is golden hour. So, it just made sense to add this eco-friendly candle to my own home. It is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day and enjoy the long moments of a simple summer evening at the "Golden Hour", the best hour of all!

natural, earthy vibe interior design board.

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earthy natural interior design style inspiration

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