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Trying to keep our space cozy for the holidays isn’t always the easiest feat — and I’m not talking about finding cute décor

— I’m talking about what to do with the ornament bins taking over the house from all that said décor, the mail piling up on the counter of Christmas cards that you failed to make this year, the endless paper-stream from school (bless their tiny little crafty hearts, but oh my stars the amount to recycle is insane).

--- It’s the journey of finding the balance of controlling the chaos but not controlling the moments. And yes, I’m preaching to the choir friends.

It’s one thing to make things look magazine worthy for the sake of a gorgeously filtered Instagram post, it’s a whole other level of dedication to live in it. We want to enjoy our space, but still not be so uptight when it’s not perfect. I wish I would have learned this lesson a little earlier in life, but hey, I never claimed to be a fast learner.

So, hear me and learn from my mistakes — give yourself an extra dose of grace. Grace can come in so many forms. If it means finding a closet to throw that extra crazy into so you don’t have to look at it…do it. Saying no to that extra holiday gathering because you feel like you need to, set some boundaries, sister. You don’t have to do ALL the things. Pick and choose. What sparks joy? How many times have we heard that? But truly. Give yourself capacity to enjoy this season without fear of making Great Aunt Matilda clutch her pearls because you didn't bring the century old casserole along — Costco is for a reason.

Sometimes something as simple as dimming the lights and lighting a candle can do wonders for your mood (and a good way to not see the dust)! So go grab your favorite blanket, silence your phone and make a list 5 things you are thankful for, it will put things in perspective, I promise.

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