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Shopping for Home Decor - What is your style? This or That?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Okay, so, I’m not here to tell you what to buy, but I know that shopping for home décor can be a bit stressful. It can also get out of hand fast (spontaneous purchases feel so good in the moment, right?). Most of your home décor probably comes from collected bits and pieces over the years that really speak to you, but when you have blank walls, empty shelves, or (maybe the most stressful situation) an entire house to fill, you might need a little guidance to help jumpstart your decorating journey.

I want you to approach your home décor with confidence, so I’ve put together this little “This or That” to inspire you and get you thinking about what direction or aesthetic you are drawn to when it comes to shopping for your home décor. You don't have to stay in one lane, but it does help to know the heartbeat of the home and find your personality style?

Old Hollywood or Casual Northwest/Midwest?

What is Old Hollywood Design Style?

When you think “Old Hollywood” think golds, mid-century modern, velvets, dramatic greenery, Art Deco, and lush colors.

You might try these:

Old Hollywood: Try this Black Iron Wall Mirror, Round Rolling Beverage Cart, and Scalloped Glass Flower Pendant Light.

What is Northwest or Midwest Design Style?

If you’re more of a casual or Northwest/Midwest type, you might lean more into the natural wood, porcelain, muted neutrals, a variety of greens and florals, with clean and simple metal accents.

Casual NW/Midwest: Try these Chloe and Cotton Woven Laundry Baskets, Stoneware Pitcher- Bone, and Clay Bells.

Minimalist or Eclectic?

Which way do you lean? Does it stress you out to have a lot of things everywhere? Or are you the type that can’t enter a boutique without leaving with at least something to fill your home? Determining whether you like the look of a lot of things or like the feel of minimal, but meaningful, will definitely help you decide what type (and how much) home décor to bring home.

You might try these:

Minimalistic: This boucle lumbar accent pillow comes in a neutral bone color and introduces some light texture. These glass globe pendants are also great for minimalists because they blend into their surroundings and have a very clean, modern look.

Eclectic: Find an antique or vintage inspired light fixture, and mix in some mid-century/modern chairs with an eclectic modern drum side table.

Industrial or Greenhouse/Boho?

These two might be the biggest opposites in style with the least amount of crossover. You’re either a metal, leather, darker, richer colors, and clean lines kind of person, or you relish the wild-and-free nature of…well, nature! If one of these recharges you more than the other, then you already know a key detail needed for styling your home. Anyone who loves the industrial look will appreciate very practical, but artsy, additions and they’ll probably want a little less clutter but with a more rustic and heavier approach in elements. Greenhouse vibes trend more towards the bohemian look, with vining plants, wicker accents, bright, natural light, and more inspiration directly from nature. You might be more familiar with the pervasive and more popular term used today, "boho minimalistic."

You might try these:

Industrial: Use these decorative wood stands to display food while entertaining or place décor (think candles and such) for added warmth. Bring in soft, rich leather with this accent chair and place this floor lamp next to it for a more cozy and rustic approach.

Greenhouse/Boho: Use Hairpin Leg Plant Stands of various heights to get some depth with your plant arrangements. Don’t be afraid of macrame, muted, neutral colors, faded Persian rugs, glass accents, and using cute, modern planters.

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